Apr 09

The Culture of Shut Up -

"The Outrage Bubble"


Apr 02

Getting Your Kids Off the iPad Is Worth the Fight -

NASA suspends work with Russia over involvement in Ukraine -

Hey, remember when the administration said it was a good idea to prematurely shut down the shuttle program and rely on the Russians until privatized space flight and Orion caught up, instead of the more systematic gap-closing approach both candidates campaigned on?


Mar 24

Why TED Matters - TIME

Mar 20


Mar 14

A Dishonest “Cosmos” -

I’m actually not going to draw from any exotic sources for this post. I’m going to try confine what I include here only to things that can be found on the first page of a Google search for Giordano Bruno. This will illustrate more clearly the rank intellectual dishonesty involved in this segment. The truth of the story was never more than five minutes away from host Neil DeGrasse Tyson and his writers, producers, and animators. They opted to tell half-truths and outright lies instead.

Such a shame.

A scientist speaking on a non-scientific topic is often just as dumb as the next guy, but when it’s something so easily researched and so well documented, you really do expect at least a general attempt at accuracy. This representation of Giordano Bruno may be even worse than the pop-science memes around Galileo.

Mar 13

The Five-Second Rule Is Now Supported by Actual Scientific Evidence -


10 Orlando Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate -

Totally accurate.