The business activity necessary to create long term job growth doesn’t come from those who can afford to pay for ‘the fast lane’. 

It comes from students. From garages. From like minded engineers working for these big companies who are fed up with corporate bureaucracy. They’re the ones creating the future we so desperately need, and they’re the ones who get hurt most by this.

It’s an intimidating proposition, but more and more it seems like the answer could very well be “post-internet”.  A viable mesh platform, encrypted end to end that takes away control from both governments and corporations. End the ease dropping, end the throttling and allow for a free market of both ideas and products to exist globally. 

A boy can dream…

"The Outrage Bubble"

Hey, remember when the administration said it was a good idea to prematurely shut down the shuttle program and rely on the Russians until privatized space flight and Orion caught up, instead of the more systematic gap-closing approach both candidates campaigned on?