George O’Leary seems to be the classic curmudgeon. But that’s just one side of UCF’s football coach. We found another.

President Reagan’s Address to the Nation on the Soviet Attack on a Korean Airliner (KAL 007) 

Not to invoke the Ghost of Reagan, but there seems to be a compare and contrast opportunity developing…

Love Ze Frank. Loved this talk.

But besides science, there’s also common sense. Any intense exercise comes with the risk of injury—perhaps especially one that has Pukey as its mascot. And if you dive into CrossFit after not working out for a while, you’re probably particularly prone to breaking something or worse. Even the CrossFit founder acknowledges—and celebrates—this. “It can kill you,” he once told the New York Times. “I’ve always been completely honest about that.” Whether he likes it or not, the science only seems to back him up.


Redditor spots massive drop in FCC Net Neutrality comments right before the deadline.